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Controlled dangerous substances (CDS) and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in Rhode Island State legislature, so much so that even possessing a small amount of such a substance is a criminal act. While this may seem harsh and even unfair, it must be taken as the serious legal situation that it is. Let Rhode Island drug crime attorney Jason Knight come to your side when you are facing heavy consequences if convicted for drug possession.

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    Specifics of Drug Possession Charges in Rhode Island

    Can a drug possession charge come about simply for holding an illicit substance? The answer is yes. If you have an illegal drug anywhere on your person, you can be arrested, whether you knew it was there or not. You can also be charged with possession if illicit substances are found in or on your private property, such as your bedroom.

    Penalties for drug possession charges in Rhode Island include:

    • $500 to $5,000 fine
    • Several days to three years in prison
    • 100 hours of community service
    • Suspension of driver’s license (if found in vehicle)

      Escalating Drug Possession Charges

      It is considerably uncommon for someone to hit with just a drug possession charge. If the police find more than a few ounces of an illicit drug in their search, they are likely to escalate your charges to “possession with intent to distribute”, which carries far heavier penalties and verges on drug trafficking. You may also be charged with drug distribution crimes if you are not alone when you are arrested. For this reason and so many more, drug possession charges must be taken seriously and addressed with a proper defense.

      Defending Your Rights Through Solid Legal Arguments

      Drug possession charges have always been controversial and recent attempts to legalize marijuana use nationwide have only heightened the public’s awareness of the ongoing debates. If you have been arrested for possession, it could be possible that the search and seizure that led to the detainment was unlawful.

      Perhaps the substance was for medical purposes but the police did not allow you to fully explain yourself? No matter what the circumstances, our Rhode Island criminal defense drug charge attorney can hear your case and build you a proper, tenacious defense. We are located in Providence and serve clients around Rhode Island.

      Contact us today and our Rhode Island drug possession lawyer can review your charges at no cost to you.

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