Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are faced with criminal charges and the possibility of fines, jail, and a permanent criminal record, turn to The Law Office of Jason Knight. We are here to fight for your rights around the clock. Our trial-tested criminal defense lawyer offers the caring, tireless, and affordable advocacy that you need and deserve.

Get a Former Prosecutor on Your Side

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Jason Knight brings invaluable insights to your defense. He knows the ins and outs of the justice system, and with a total focus on criminal defense, he is ready to do everything in his power to protect your rights, preserve your liberty, and guard your future. With so much at stake, don’t delay. Discover how we can pursue the best possible result for you.

Additionally, this background helps our attorney better prepare a case to present to the jury. With a well prepared case, we are able to negotiate better deals on your behalf. Regardless of which route your case takes, you will have a better chance at obtaining a successful result.

More Than 10 Years of Experience

As a defense attorney, our Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer has handled thousands of cases, of all different types. With a 100% focus on criminal defense, you can come to us with charges including:

  • DUI
  • Sexual assault
  • Traffic violations
  • Drug charges

The legal assistance that you will receive at our firm is second to none. We devote our full time and attention to individuals who have been arrested for a criminal offense.

Call (401) 354-2255 to request your free case review. Attorney Knight takes emergency calls 24/7/365.