Case Results

  • Case Dismissed

    Facts: Client accused of witness intimidation through social media.
    Results: Case dismissed after a successful probable cause hearing

  • Case Dismissed
    Domestic Assault

    Fact: My client was charged with domestic assault. 

    Result: Case dismissed. 

  • No Registration, No Jail, & No Criminal Record
    Juvenile Client Charged with Illicit Sex with a Minor
  • Case Dismissed
    Failure to Yield

    Facts: Traffic matter, client hit a pedestrian and was cited with failure to yield.

    Results: Case dismissed on day of trial.
  • Both Cases Dismissed
    Domestic Violence and Violation of No-Contact Order

    Facts: Client was arrested and charged with domestic violence. A few weeks later the client was arrested again for a violation of the no-contact order and sent to jail. At that point, the client's mother hired Jason Knight.

    Result: Both cases were dismissed.

  • Driving Privileges Restored
    Multiple Moving Violations

    Facts: Client lost his license due to multiple moving violations in 2012. Client had moved away from RI and never completed his sentence. Client could not get a license anywhere in the U.S. because of his RI issues.

    Result: Driving privileges restored.