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Felony Charges

Providence Felony Attorney

Defending Clients Who Are Facing Felony Charges in Rhode Island

If convicted for a felony, you could face prison time, steep fees, and the loss of certain rights (such as the right to own a firearm). After serving a sentence, you would have difficulty adjusting to society because of your criminal record. The stakes are especially high with felony cases, so you need a competent, well-qualified attorney who understands the ins and outs of criminal defense.

Why Hire the Law Office of Jason Knight

  • 15+ years of trial-tested advocacy
  • Former prosecutor fighting for you
  • Thousands of criminal cases skillfully handled
  • 24/7 availability for emergency appointments

At our firm, we approach each case diligently and strategically. If you are facing felony charges, do not wait to contact an aggressive Rhode Island felony lawyer at The Law Office of Jason Knight to help you fight your charges.

Have you been arrested for a felony? Call the Law Office of Jason Knight today at (401) 354-2255 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our felony lawyer in Providence.

Felony Cases We Handle

Attorney Jason Knight accepts a broad range of felony cases, including:

What Are The Penalties For Felonies in Rhode Island?

Felony offenses encompass a wide variety of criminal acts and are often considered some of the most severe charges. In RI, felonies are crimes punishable by over $1,000 or more than one year in prison. Serious charges require serious defense, and we are prepared to put in the necessary time and work to challenge your charges.

Contact Our Felony Lawyer Today

Our team is 100% dedicated to helping our clients fight their criminal charges. We devote all of our resources and attention to learning the most up-to-date defense techniques and cutting-edge ways to effectively defend our clients in court. From investigations and negotiations to trials, we have developed an in-depth understanding of all phases of the criminal justice system. We are prepared to go to bat for you every step of the way. We are available 24/7 for emergency appointments. Allow our team to review the details of your felony charges and work with you to create an effective defense strategy. Get started today.

Contact the Law Office of Jason Knight today to get started on your defense with our Providence felony attorney.

Real Case Results

  • Charges Dismissed Accused of Hitting Girlfriend
  • No Jail Time Assault With a Deadly Weapon
  • Charge Reduced Breaking & Entering
  • Case Dismissed Breaking & Entering and Felony Assault
  • Case Dismissed Carrying an Unlicensed Firearm

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